On the road to becoming an author…

For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed of being an author, of escaping to another world and taking readers with me. But I always kept my aspiration a secret. At least until my assistant, Terry Malovets, gifted me a beautiful journal filled with scripture for Christmas. In those moments between friends, she shared a surprising observation–she believed I should pursue a career as an author. Can you imagine my joy and shock? How in the world did she know my deepest professional desire? The one I never revealed to her.

I spent the next three months wondering whether or not I was willing to take the risk. Was I even capable? I possessed absolutely no professional training in the craft of writing, but I decided to take the plunge anyway. After all, I didn’t have to tell anyone, right? Before long I filled my journal with ideas and Never Let Go was born.

Seven months later, I finished the manuscript. Or so I thought. I learned the difficult way (through lots of rejections from literary agents) that my manuscript was somehow flawed. Discouragement overwhelmed me until the Lord intervened. After reviewing my submission, HopeSprings Books expressed an interest in publishing my story despite my manuscript needing a hard edit. Ouch! I wrote in omniscient narrative, used passive voice, and filled the story with stilted dialogue—all rule breakers in current fiction trends. The entire manuscript had to be reworked.

Blessings abounded. Because the publisher saw potential in my voice and story, she took the time to help me. Wow…such a rare occurrence in the publishing world. I studied the material she recommended and demonstrated my new skills to her. The result—a publishing contract!

Now I’m in the process of completely reworking Never Let Go (tentatively titled, of course).  My prayer is that the story will glorify the Lord.

God is so good.

13 thoughts on “On the road to becoming an author…

  1. So VERY proud of my friend!! May your talent, dream, desire, and hard work glorify our Father!! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!!

  2. Way to go Angie! Let me know when the final comes out 🙂 proud of you for taking the plunge!

  3. Angie I am so proud of you.I knew when you went away to school that you would
    become a new person.God has blessed you for all that you have become.Love you
    so much.Aunt Shirley

    1. Thanks Aunt Shirley. As always, your opinion means a lot to me. There’s a special little surprise for you in my novel. You’ll have to read it to see if you can figure it out…

      1. I am not much for reading books but you can be sure that I will be reading this one.I
        can not wait.Love you.

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