Answered Prayers

Earlier this week, I was invited to write a guest blog describing my journey as an author for I was thrilled at the opportunity! But as I began to put my thoughts together I realized that while my June 1st blog already described my experience thus far, I had failed to discuss one of the most important components of my journey– an obvious answer to prayer.

In the months after I finished my first manuscript and sought representation from literary agents, I believe God called me to ask my Sunday school class to pray my work would glorify Him. But that required telling other people I had written a book. I felt vulnerable and feared ridicule. I mean, people in our nation suffered in multiple ways–abuse, poverty, and addictions, just to name a few. What right did I have to ask my class to pray for the publication of my novel? And how would I describe my novel to fellow Christians? Ummm, yeah, it’s a love story filled with persecution and violence, but I promise the content is clean and the story will glorify God. So…please pray for its publication.

The more I ignored God, the more he filled me with courage until I finally sought support from my class. No ridicule. No awkward silences. Just praises and thoughtful prayers. And the very next day, HopeSprings Books contacted me. The result–a publishing contract.

So praises to the Lord and thanks to Mark & Cindy, David & Kimberly, John & Basilia, Kevin & Tanya, Joe, and my husband, Tommy.

As to the guest blog, it should be posted on June 12th. You can check it out at

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