In recent weeks my sons spent their evenings watching the NBA finals, energetically cheering on the San Antonio Spurs. Most game nights, their animated antics interrupted me as I attempted to rework my debut novel. But it was difficult to get irritated with my handsome, blonde blessings. This held especially true when they jumped off the couch screaming “Tha-Reee” every time the San Antonio Spurs hit a long shot.

Their love for three-pointers led me to think about the best “Tha-Reee” of all time–The Trinity. One God, three distinct persons. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Like time, God represents past, present, and future. One is not separate from the other. He is a Father to the fatherless. He is a Savior for the lost. He is a Guide in prayer and truth. God is everything we need.

To non-believers, the Trinity may be a difficult concept to grasp. It certainly was for me before the Lord saved me in my early twenties. But it makes perfect sense when you open your heart to the One True God. Believe me. Seek Him and you will seek no more.

So while the NBA finals didn’t turn out as my sons had hoped, the best “Tha-Reee” of all time dominates all of our seasons. And we are grateful.

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