Win a $90 Amazon Gift Card: Angels and Snowflakes

SnowflakesAngels and Snowflakes

Winter in Maine—Brrr! Temperatures below freezing, and often below zero. Snowstorms. Icy roads. Lots of thick, uncomfortable clothes. Long trudges through deep snow to get to school. But I loved it as a kid, even as a teenager. How could I not? For many delights also blew in with wintry weather—the anticipation of a white Christmas, the laughter of a snowball fight, a brisk ride on a sled (often made out of a cardboard box) down a steep hill. And, of course, snow days, which meant a day off from school…to play in the very inclement weather that kept me home.

I loved to lie in the icy white flurry and make snow angels, staring toward the sky as I pushed out then pulled in my arms and legs. Over and over. The swish of nature’s powder steadied the rhythm of my heart while snowflakes drifted closer, falling on my face and tickling my nose. Intriguing my mind, for each flake revealed its own distinct pattern. Some were easy to see while others displayed less obvious designs. All unique, but for what purpose? Such beauty couldn’t be of God. For if He existed innocent young girls wouldn’t suffer the wrath of drunken rage, or the torment of abandonment. Right?

Wrong. Now truth reigns, for I know God lives. Jesus Christ is the Messiah. My journey to salvation…well, I’ll save that story for another time.

As a Christian, the loveliness of snowflakes no longer eludes me (though I rarely feel their cold tickles on my face since moving to Texas). I believe their intricate patterns represent God’s plans for each of us. Beautiful, yet complicated designs. Interwoven lines and shapes reflect the many ways we cross paths with one another, affect the lives of other people with small acts (good and bad)…

A teenage athletic trainer removing his hoodie in below freezing temperatures then giving it to a nine-year-old ball boy on the sidelines of a football game. A publisher giving a newbie writer the chance of a lifetime. Random acts of road rage, such as the one described in No Eye Has Seen by Graham Carter.

Kindle_Cover_95Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the beauty of snowflakes so I’m giving away a copy of No Eye Has Seen. In my opinion, the story demonstrates God’s intricate plans for each of us. In recent communications with Graham, he and I discussed the many ways in which the writing world has changed since he wrote the lovely story. Regardless of human preferences in writing styles, He has plans for each of us. What better time to celebrate such truth than Christmas?

So, leave a comment below telling me about your favorite snow day activity and you’ll be entered into the drawing. You can also enter the drawing by signing up to follow my blog (on the sidebar), sharing this post on Twitter (@AngieBrashear must be included), or liking my FB page ( between December 16th and 22nd. And don’t forget to enter another giveaway  here to win a Kindle or a $90 Amazon gift card.

Merry Christmas!

16 thoughts on “Win a $90 Amazon Gift Card: Angels and Snowflakes

  1. I didn’t realize my favorite activity until last year when I was blessed to take Stedman on his first plane trip to Pittsburgh. We arrived at Thanksgiving and he was devastated to see no snow. So, we decided to take the five hour journey to Niagara Falls, NY, left at 1 am, very spontaneous move. We we arrived he was sound asleep, checked into a bed and breakfast, awoke to blankets of snow that had just fallen! My little angel bear, jumped out of bed, threw on some sweats, ran outside just laughing and made the most beautiful snow angel. So I must say mine is and was watching the joy and happiness on his face!!

  2. I lived in Florida as a child. Did not have snow days. But in all my years there I have seen it snow 3 times twice just a dusting and the last . Was a snow storm in Florida tridition. The snow stayed for a week. So as I grew up I promised myself I would live in a place with snow. Yes I now Live in Des. Moines Iowa snow and mild summers. I have friends back home saying 40F is cold. Try 19f for a daily high.
    Oh sorry off of the subject Your Favorite Snow Day. Just didn’t get snow days in Fla. Got time out for Late Hurricane Season. If a hurricane was blowing in from the tropics.

    1. Patricia, I completely understand the lack of snow days now that I live in Texas. A Texan’s idea of cold always makes me smile (no offense to my fellow Texans:)). Though I must admit, my tolerance for cold seems to be wearing off. 🙂

  3. Sledding down the hill in front of our house and staying outside till we were numb making snow angels and having snowball fights, then going inside to warm by the woodstove while waiting for water to heat for hot cocoa and playing Monopoly with my brother for hours, sometimes leaving the game set up for days!! We loved snow days!!

    1. Hi Kimberly! Of all my snow days activities, sledding probably brought me the most joy. All the neighborhood kids congregated at the nearest hill with our cardboard boxes. They always flew down the hill! Despite our many injuries, we loved it.

  4. My favorite memory was when I lived at my grandmothers. When we would have a snow day all the kids in the neighborhood would come out and we would go sledding right in front of the house. My grandmother then would fix us all hot chocolate.

  5. One of favorite snow memories is standing on the front porch of a cabin in the Rocky Mountains that my husband helped build. From that porch I stood frozen in awe and wonder at the peacefulness of a snowstorm. A”storm” in Texas isn’t quiet, at all, so imagine this Texas girl staring in absolute amazement at this silent and absolutely beautiful snow storm! God is amazing!!! My other favorite snow memories are watching our four children play in the snow in Texas! We can count on one hand the number of times we have had snow, but they have had a ball each and every time!

    1. Hi Sheri. You are right, the peacefulness of a heavy snowfall is a stark contrast to a Texas storm. Isn’t it fascinating how God demonstrates his power through both? I’m praying for good weather Thursday–Go YOE! (For those of you who don’t know, our husbands our coaching in the State Championship game on Thursday.)

  6. My favorite snow day involves watching mmy grandsons play in the snow. They are 5 & 2 and can barely move through the snow. After we get really cold we rush back indoors and gave hot chocolate together…with Marshmallows of course!!

    1. Hi Marvin. I have two boys only two years apart in age, so I can relate to the fun (and sometimes awkward) toddler years. I wish they’d had the opportunity to play in the snow at such a young age. But, we do enjoy hot cocoa with marshmallows a lot (even when we have to pretend it is cold in Texas).

  7. My favorite thing about Advent is the pleasure it recognizes in the simple things. Yes, we hunker down in the winter, but the snow blowing sideways reminds us of the miracles of nature — Snowmen, snow glistening like diamonds (I’ll always remember that comparison of my mother’s — even when we had very little) after a new fall. It causes a lot of treacherous conditions to be sure — but it also gives a beautiful new sheen to the year going by.

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