God’s Plan, God’s Way: An Interview with Paula Mowery

Welcome Paula! Thanks for hithering and venturing today. Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.

First, readers might be surprised to know that even after four books, I still don’t compose my first draft on the computer. I just can’t. I write it out in a spiral notebook with a mechanical pencil. Another tidbit that might be surprising is I am an interpreter for the deaf. My undergraduate work was in that area. I don’t sign for a living anymore, but I do interpret my hubby’s sermons every Sunday at our church. He sometimes pauses to play a little “let’s stump the interpreter” with me during a sermon. Our church loves it. The third thing that might surprise some is I stepped away from my career to stay home and homeschool our daughter for all 12 years. Though many commented that I shouldn’t have stopped working or we shouldn’t have pulled our daughter from school, I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. And, I would do it all over again.

Well, those are all very surprising facts. I cannot imagine writing an entire manuscript in a spiral notebook. Amazing! What message do you hope your readers will take away after reading your novel?

After reading Legacy and Love, I hope Christian readers will consider the godly legacy they are leaving behind. It is so important in these days to be intentional about passing on our Christian faith, building that foundation. I also hope they will see that God has a plan for each of His children. We need only to join Him in that plan. And, if someone has ever turned his back on God, I want them to realize God never abandoned him. He awaits the return.

Your intended message is inspiring. Even as Christians, we do sometimes lose sight of God’s plan. What spiritual themes do you prefer to emphasize?

It seems that God always leads me to include an aspect of understanding God’s plan for life and following it. The idea of a spiritual legacy tends to show up as well though not as blatant as with Legacy and Love.

Spiritual legacy – again, your message is inspiring. What do you consider the most impactful: the beginning or end of your book? Why?

The most impactful would be the ending. It is here that I can demonstrate how God can turn out happily ever afters in His own way. Those are the best ways. I hope readers can see how this can translate into their own lives.

What did you learn from the editing and publishing process of this book?

There are two stories in this book. One, Inheritance, went through more than one editor and crit partner. In this story, I learned to let go and listen to the most effective way to start and communicate this story. It went through many transformations and deletions before being placed in this book. Also, as with every book I’ve worked with an editor on, there are always so many things I never see because I’m too close to the story. Makes me do the forehead slap.

My story has also been through many transformations, which often comes with tons of advice. What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve received? The worst?

The best writing advice I’ve received is not to write for fame or fortune. If I’m called by God to write, I have to write it no matter what I gain from it. This has been helpful and freeing. With this philosophy, I don’t feel the pressure to make money, only the pressure to communicate what God wants me to. That’s enough pressure. The worst advice I received was not to accept a certain publishing contract. Before following that advice, I prayed that God would show me. He gave me a clear push to sign. I have never regretted that. God’s ways trump any so-called expert.

Agreed. God’s way is the only way. Let’s conclude by passing a bit of your writing wisdom along to fellow writers. What advice do you have for the published and unpublished?

I can only speak to Christian writers, but I would encourage those not yet published to persevere, understanding it is God’s timing, not yours. That is tough to do sometimes; I can testify. But, you won’t regret doing His way. Then, read, study, take classes, and repeat. For published writers I would encourage you to keep the main thing the main thing. If you’re writing for the Lord, keep your focus there. Then, read, study, take classes, and repeat.

LegacyandLove_ebook2 copyLegacy and Love


The Prayer Shawl


Sean Holland is a magazine reporter always looking for the next story. Hope Weaver is a pediatric nurse who shares Christ through making prayer shawls. The shawls are just the touchy-feely story Sean needs, even though he’ll have to endure Hope’s strong Christian beliefs to get it. An unexpected connection brings them together as a couple. But, can they find love if they don’t share their faith?



Alex Lyndon’s life has been a series of fits and starts with no finishes. She finds herself jobless and divorced. Now her only family, Granny Olivia, is critically ill.


Chase Carson had to step into running the family business when his father died. The time is past due to visit Miss Olivia.


Alex and Chase must go on a treasure hunt. Will each find purpose and love for their lives in the process?

GradBeach2013 181

Paula Mowery is a published author, acquisitions editor, and speaker. Her first two published works were The Blessing Seer and Be The Blessing from Pelican Book Group. Both are women’s fiction, and their themes have been the topics of speaking engagements. In November of 2013, her first romance released in the anthology, Brave New Century, from Prism Book Group. Legacy and Love is her first solo romance. Reviewers of her writing characterize it as “thundering with emotion.” Her articles have appeared in Woman’s World, The Christian Online Magazine, and the multi-author devotional blog, Full Flavored Living.


As an acquisitions editor for Prism Book Group, Paula particularly looks for romance stories with Christian values at its core. She’s especially attracted to those manuscripts that leave the reader mulling over the story long after turning the last page.


Having been an avid reader of Christian fiction, she now puts that love to use by writing book reviews. She is a member of ACFW and is on the author interview team.


Paula is a pastor’s wife and mom to a first year college student. She homeschooled her daughter through all twelve years, and they both lived to tell about it. Before educating her daughter at home, she was an English teacher in public school.


You can follow Paula at www.facebook.com/pages/Paula-Mowery/175869562589187. Learn more about Paula at her blog at www.paulamowery.blogspot.com or enjoy her monthly columns on www.christianonlinemagazine.com.


4 thoughts on “God’s Plan, God’s Way: An Interview with Paula Mowery

  1. Sounds like a great book to read. I love how in the interview it says “God’s own happily ever after plan”. I love happily ever after endings–great perspective on God’s own plan. Great interview.

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