Cover Reveal: Of the Coldblooded

Great news! Book two, first draft–COMPLETE! Because I’m so excited to have finally finished, I’m sharing the Of the Coldblooded cover with you too. Drum roll, please…

OtC - eBook Cover

As with Of the Persecuted, I am very happy with Paper and Sage’s design! The designer impressed me her ability to create a cover that reflected the overall feel of the Legends of the Woodlands series with sincerity, yet remained unique to the feel of the second book. I love that readers get to “see” more of the main character too!

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Laila Pennedy is a warrior, no longer insecure and weak.

She’s confident the Faithful will overpower the Rendow Clan. Besides, Lars Landre, the Chosen of the Woodlands Region and her betrothed, cannot be defeated. She believes this with all her heart…until tragedy collides with conviction.

In the wake of disaster, the Kinhood threatens to capture Laila, yet offers mercy until autumn’s third full moon if she abides by their commands. But she’s set on revenge. And this time, she won’t be deterred.

This time…she’s the hunter, not the hunted.

Unexpected loss. Compelling wrath. Bygone faith. How in all the Woodlands will Laila survive?

Now, I also have an additional update for you. I’ll now move into the editing phase of Of the Coldblooded. This means both my critique partner (Nadine Brandes) and my editor (Brilliant Cut Editing) will soon comb through my manuscript for mistakes. And I can hardly wait! Truly, if you have a team of people you trust, there is nothing to fear with their feedback. Sooo…look for Of the Coldblooded in spring 2015. I’ll definitely keep you posted!





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