Wow! It’s been a while since I last provided an Of the Persecuted or an Of the Coldblooded update. And do I have some exciting updates for you today! Here goes…

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1. Of the Coldblooded is AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! While I knew the release date was close, I did not expect it to be today (or late last night). Imagine my surprise when I received word from my formatter (Polgarus Studio) he was ready to upload the Kindle version once I gave the go ahead. So, I decided to go for it. Just follow the link and enjoy. In the meantime, I’ll promote between my non-fantastical day job and my three kiddos’ sporting events. Oh, and the miles I’m attempting to log each day, as well as eating and sleeping. LOL! (By the way, for old-schoolers like myself…the print version will follow within a couple of weeks.) Whoohoo!

Also, if you visit my FB page (Angie Brashear), you’ll see that I’m seeking to make an exchange–a free ebook copy of Of the Coldblooded for an honest review. There are only twenty-five slots and I’m close to full, but if you’re interested, comment on the post (on FB or here).

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2. Of the Persecuted is currently a part of blog launch giveaway at Writers on Reading. Even if you already have a copy of Of the Persecuted, I recommend visiting the blog for updates from some of my favorite authors. In fact, Morgan L. Busse was recently featured. And…I’m on her to-be-read list, which makes me super excited, and a bit nervous too.

3. Beginning tomorrow, Of the Persecuted will be FREE ON AMAZON! Now, please allow me to shamelessly beg for a moment…if you’ve not already posted a review for Of the Persecuted, I’d be honored if you’d do so during the free promotion which lasts Thursday through Saturday. More reviews lend toward credibility.

Well, that’s it for now. Follow me on FB (Angie Brashear) for more updates. Until then, enjoy the summer sunshine and a good book…preferably one of mine. {big grin}


7 thoughts on “HOPPIN’ HAPPENINGS!

  1. Congrats on the new release!! 😀 And those book covers are both gorgeous. Will have to add to my TBR list!

    I have an author/writer question: Is there a way to have both the kindle version and paperback version of a book come out on the same day on Amazon? Is there a waiting period before each version goes live?

    1. Thanks? Paper and Sage Design definitely does impressive cover art!

      Yes, there is a way to have both the ebook and print version go live on the same day If one is very organized and patient). Once the file is uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing, the process is mere hours for the ebook. For Create Space, it’s a little different. When the pdf is uploaded, CS reviews the file within 24 hours, and then makes the author wait an additional 24 hours before the proof can be approved. CS (and my formatter) recommends that the author order a print proof for review, rather than just the pdf. If I’m not mistaken, KDP allows the author to choose a release date (but I did not notice this feature on CS). So…for me the process becomes a bit longer. I’d originally planned to try to release both the same day, but ultimately decided to release the ebook because of my very busy nonfantastical day job, especially in light of how few paperbacks I sell when compared to ebooks. 🙂

      1. Thank you for the advice! I’m thinking of using Ingramspark too, so that would probably take even longer before going live. I agree a printed proof copy is a good idea.

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