What do you do when the whole world suddenly stops? I’m conscious of my own pulse as I think about the what ifs — the mostly horrific what ifs. L.R Burkard’s novel, PULSE, explores a world without technology. She writes Christian apocalyptic fiction with a strong thread of suspense for young adults. While I’ve not yet read PULSE, it has certainly been added to my to-be-read list. (Psst…there’s an update regarding Legends of the Woodlands: Book Three at the end of the post.)


When an electromagnetic pulse hits the earth and everything stops working, nothing will ever be the same.

No TV, no internet, no cell phones, not even a stinking working car. Who would have thought this could happen in the USA?

And, who will survive now that it has?

Here’s what other readers are saying:

“I read this book in early August and I cannot stop thinking about and talking about it! The story is written from the p.o.v. of three different teenagers, which I appreciated because they are in three very different types of locations when the EMP hits and none of them (or their families) is safe or adequately prepared, including the ones that thought they were. The action in this book is ABSOLUTELY thought provoking. What would you do to keep your loved ones alive if this happened, or that, or the other thing you might not have ever thought about before now? Because if you don’t plan ahead, some of those options won’t be available to you. I think about this story almost every morning when I drive to work. Since reading this I have realized the importance of being prepared- with food & water, clothing, shelter, medicine, and the ability to defend your very life and those of your loved ones. This book has made me want to take self defense classes again. I highly recommend this book- it is not only fascinating but thought provoking- because the things that happen in this book could very well happen in real life.”

D.E.Taylor, Amazon Customer

“This book is written from the standpoint of three teenage girls as the world they know falls apart. It was actually quite thought provoking and also frightening. I would recommend this to anyone. I am looking forward to Book 2 in this new series. It is totally different from what this author has written in the past. Previously, I read and enjoyed the adult Christian Regency series.”

Heather, Amazon Customer



Linore Rose Burkard is best known for her Inspirational Regency Romance Series which whisks readers back in time to early 19th century England. Heart-warming adventure is par for the course in her books. Fans of romance in the tradition of Austen and Heyer (such as Pride & Prejudice, Cotillion, and even My Fair Lady), enjoy meeting Linore’s feisty heroines and dashing heroes.

Linore also writes YA/Suspense as L.R.Burkard. PULSE is the first in an expected three-book trilogy, the second of which, RESILIENCE, is due out by March-April 2016.

She grew up in NYC, graduating from Queens College with a magna cum laude degree in English Literature. She now lives in Ohio with her husband, five children, a Shorkie and three (two too many!) cats. She still home-schools her youngest daughter, preferably with a cup of coffee in one hand and an iPad in the other.

Okay, a tidbit about Legends of the Woodlands: Book Three… (The title is still a secret. {big grin})

My third book is most definitely a work in progress. Familial obligations have slowed my writing process a bit, but I’m back on a somewhat regular writing schedule. If you’re interested in delving further into the Woodlands Region with me, I’ve a few ideas. First, share with me what you’d most love to happen to Laila–Lars and Zander too–in the third and final installment of the series. Second, please consider writing a review on Amazon if you’ve not already done so. With OF THE PERSECUTED, I’m so very close to 100! {squeal} Third, and most importantly, please pray the conclusion to the story glorifies my Maker. For through Him, all things are possible.


7 thoughts on “PULSE

  1. Angie, I cannot wait until Book Three comes out!!!! 😀 Or at least until we get a title! 😉 But I’m so excited! Just seeing the names Laila and Lars makes me want to read the first books all over again!

    Best wishes to you as you write! And will keep you in my prayers! ❤

  2. This sounds just like the TV show Revolution which was a great show in its first season. A scientist and a computer genius go back to the source of the loss of power and try to return power to United States and then second season gets really stupid and weird and freaky. I really like the first season because they focus a lot on the political ramifications people taking over sections of America. Obviously the goal of the main characters was to return the power while they are attacked at every angle. The second season was really dumb because one of the computers used is got super powers inexplicably and it to the show in a different direction that I didn’t appreciate. All that to say this book sounds awesome!! and I would love to read it!!!!

  3. I agree with the comments. This book sounds very though provoking. One that would stick with you. From young adults perspective this sounds awesome as the TV show was more adult oriented.

      1. My TBR list is getting ridiculous lol. I totally thought about writing a book based on Revolution. Other people obviously have, too, and beat me to it. But fantasy and world building for me, would take a lot of practice as it’s not my genre of choice. Though I like to read it. If I ever do write dystopian/fantasy, it would be romance first probably. We’ll see.

      2. Ah, fantasy romance — that’s me! I’ve been told Of the Persecuted is too romance-y, but… that’s still what I plan to write. Fantasy Romance Lives!

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