Of the Redeemed (Legends of the Woodlands: Book Three)

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Legends of the Woodlands: Book Three

Laila Pennedy is a leader. And live or die, she’s determined to guide the Faithful to victory.

Though leagues apart from Lars Landre, the Chosen and her betrothed, Laila is on a journey to cure the blood glugger infection unleashed by the Rendow Clan. Despite the magical gifts bestowed upon her efforts, she cannot prevent her traveling companions from plummeting into a mysterious cavern.

As she embarks on a treacherous underground rescue mission, the quest to eliminate evil lures her deep into the enemy’s hidden tunnels where she confronts an unexpected foe, and then to the sky where she clashes with the darkest of souls.

The final battle between the Faithful and the Clan has begun…

Astonishing wickedness. Tormenting heartbreak. Unexpected sacrifice. How in all the Woodlands will Laila survive?

Released December 1, 2016     Purchase on Amazon