What Readers are Saying

“The Legends of the Woodlands series by Angie Brashear is addictive!”   ~ Amazon Customer Review

“I was hooked from the first sentence to the last. {Of the Persecuted} is an exciting adventure into the realm of fantasy with a wonderful infusion of faith.”   ~ Kimberly Boyett, Amazon Reviewer

“{Of the Persecuted} is a gripping fantastic story of faith, sacrifice and adventure.”   ~ Shannon Lee, Amazon Reviewer

“Enthralling fantasy!”   ~ Shantelle H., Amazon Reviewer

“Such a great story…I couldn’t put the book down!”   ~ Stephanie Hause, Amazon Reviewer

“Author Angie Brashear is an artist. The page is her canvas and she absolutely paints a picture with her words.”   ~ Veronica Lynn, Amazon Reviewer

“An action-packed fantasy romance! 5 stars!”   ~ Sady, Amazon Reviewer

“Definitely a book to add to the shelf of favorites!”   ~ Amazon Customer Review

“Of the Persecuted grabbed me from the beginning!”   ~ Elizabeth L., Amazon Reviewer

“The integrity yet simple, bold faith of the characters challenged me to consider the depth of my faith and my willingness to ‘fight the good fight’.”   ~ Loretta Walthall, Amazon Reviewer

“Angie Brashear has a unique voice.”   ~ Little Rocker, Amazon Reviewer

“A wonderful escape…”   ~ Belinda, Amazon Reviewer